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Animal Rescue Centres throughout the UK have a difficult time reaching the public to make them aware of the rescued and abandoned animals they have for re-homing. The website is designed to actively hold registered rescue centres and allow the public to view the animals they have available for re-homing. We want to raise awareness to the plight that faces existing rescue shelters as they struggle to cope with the increase in homeless animals and a reduction of income as the economic climate changes. We want to encourage people to choose their new pet from a rescue centre rather than buy from a breeder.  If you are unable to re-home, why not donate to your favourite rescue centre by clicking on the donate button next to their centre details.

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The web site mission statement

The primary objective of this non-profit making site is to bring together good homes and the rescue animals that need them. This is a national database holding information from the animal rescue centres that have registered with us. We aim to use any money raised from this site to help all UK animal rescue centres gain access to the world wide web. We also aim to promote the visibility of all UK animal rescue centres so that we can help increase their funds.

The web site has been developed to encourage everyone to choose a rescue animal before buying a pet from a breeder. UK animal rescue centres, and the rescue animals in their care, require your support. By doing all your online shopping through this site you will help these rescue centres. Better still donate online to them directly or, even better, save a rescue animal and offer them a new loving home.