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Stourbridge and District Cats Protection first came into being in September 1981 and was known as the Stourbridge Branch of the Cats Protection League.

In 1998 the charity changed its name nationally and became known simply as Cats Protection.

In 2003, to reflect the wider area that it now covers, the Stourbridge Branch changed its name to Stourbridge and District Cats Protection and is still working hard to help cats in our area of DY1 - DY13.

Our branch is run by volunteers, who care for unwanted cats and kittens until they are re-homed, raise funds to provide them with food and veterinary care, and carry out a myriad of other tasks involved in running the branch.

We operate a helpline each day and advise members of the public on cat care and neutering. More helpers are always needed and welcomed in all areas of our work - whatever time you can spare would be greatly appreciated. To find out more, please contact our Branch Co-ordinator.

If you would like to be kept in touch with what is going on in the Branch, please consider becoming a Branch Member. For just £5.00 a year you'll get free entry into our fundraising events and a receive a quarterly newsletter.

During 2003 we:

- Took in 163 cats and kittens
- Re-homed 156 cats and kittens
- Helped 176 other cats and kittens not in our care
- Had one cat who stopped with us for more than 6 months
- Raised more than £10000 to help cats in our care
- Spent more than £3800 on food and litter for cats in our care
- Spent more than £8400 on veterinary treatment for cats in our care

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Cats Protection - Stourbridge and District Branch
Po Box 3836
Brierley Hill
West Midlands
Telephone 0844 884 8520
Charity No. 203644
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Title: Fosterer
Date Posted: 28th November 2004 00:00:00

Standard Volunteer Job Description



It goes without saying that this is an essential role within any Branch and should be carried out by someone who is caring without being over-sentimental, with a sensible head on their shoulders and good standards of hygiene.

The Fosterer is responsible for physically looking after the cats and kittens that are brought into CP care by the Welfare Officer.


To provide an excellent standard of welfare for all cats and kittens in their care.

To comply with our Cat Care Standards, Principles and Guidelines and any other appropriate CP rules with regard to the welfare of cats and kittens.

To ensure that their own cats are protected by vaccination and segregation from foster cats.

To have a good working knowledge of cat care issues and, if in doubt about the state of a cat's health, to alert the Welfare Officer.

To provide new owners with sound basic advice about cat care and background details about the cat they are adopting.

To provide new owners with Homing Packs containing useful leaflets, background Information etc, if this has not already been done by another volunteer.

To ensure that all cats and kittens that are rehomed are free from parasites and, as far as it is possible to tell, completely healthy.

To present a professional image of Cats Protection to prospective owners.

To avoid becoming overloaded with too many cats.

To re-home all CP foster cats, rather than keep them indefinitely.

To transport cats to the vets if treatment is required, unless another volunteer carries out this task.

To keep accurate records of cats fostered and subsequently rehomed.

To liaise closely with the Welfare and Homing Officers.

To ensure that sufficient quality time is spent with foster cats to ensure that they are adequately stimulated and can be handled.

To complete necessary fostering and cat pen agreement forms where necessary.

To ensure that a Homing Form is completed whenever a foster cat is adopted.

To ensure that receipts are issued for all donations given.