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The promotion of kindness and the prevention of cruelty to animals in particular by providing or assisting in the provision of food, shelter and veterinary treatment for animals in need of care and protection. At Animals In Need, we follow the 3 R's - RESCUE - REHABILITATE - REHOME. We help the sad cases other centres are not able to help. We have a no destruction policy and house all the animals until we find them loving homes. We are always home to over 100 animals (Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Rodents, Sheep, Goats, Chickens & Geese). We arrange for all the animals to be vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before they go to their new homes. Many thanks to the Cats Protection and the Dogs Trust for their help with neutering vouchers. WE ARE ALWAYS NEEDING SHORT AND LONG TERM FOSTER HOMES FOR SOME OF THE POORLY, YOUNG OR ABUSED ANIMALS IN OUR CARE. ALL EQUIPMENT - BEDDING, BOWLS, FOOD, ETC ARE PROVIDED. ALL WE ASK IN RETURN IS LOVE AND AFFECTION FROM YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A FOSTER PARENT - THEN PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH US. OPENING TIMES - 12.30 -4PM DAILY CLOSED MONDAY

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Carla Lane Animals In Need
Fir Tree Animal Sanctuary
Spurriers Lane
L31 1BA
Telephone 0151 549 0959
Charity No. 1031342
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Title: Animals In Need - Christmas Newsletter 2009
Date Posted: 21st December 2009 00:00:00
Description: Dear Friends,
Thank you for your kindness and interest during 2009. We are indebted to you. With your help we have saved over 1000 valuable lives. Many of the animals were sickly, tired or injured and some were about to be destroyed. Because of you and your faith in us, these animals are alive and well today.
The photos printed in this newsletter are of animals at the sanctuary awaiting homes. Many will be spending Christmas with us. They canít say Thank You, so we will say it for them. Because of your support they are safe in our care and will enjoy a Christmas dinner of a chicken & veg stew for the dogs, steamed cod for the cats and thereís lots of juicy carrots & apples for the rabbits & goats. Thanks to all who
donate this special food.
They are the lucky ones, warm and well fed, with our staff to love and care for them. We want to save as many more lives as we can and every space at the
sanctuary will be filled with a homeless animal. We always make room at the Inn.
On a sad note our lovely boy ROCKY will be spending another Christmas in police
custody kennels. We wonít forget him and hope that you will give your support to our Freedom for Rocky campaign. Please sign and return the statement enclosed
and see back for details. You donít have to donate to sign the form.
It has been confirmed by experts, that Rocky is not a pit bull terrier and we will be in court on 19th Jan 2010 to plead his case and ours. We hope that justice will
prevail and common sense will influence the outcome, after all where's the sense
in using the public purse to detain a gentle neutered dog like Rocky, for 12 months.
It would be criminal to destroy him.
Sign our online petition at
This year we have had our difficulties, but because of your amazing support our charity goes from strength to strength. We remain committed to speaking out for our 4 legged friends.
You are welcome to visit the sanctuary during the Christmas period and say hello to the animals you have helped save, and even enjoy a mince pie with the staff!