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Animal Sos Sri Lanka
483, Green Lanes
Palmers Green
N13 4BS
Telephone 07773 746108
Charity No. 1119902
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Title: Funding For Land In Sri Lanka - Refuge & Clinic
Date Posted: 30th August 2007 00:00:00
Description: ‘Animal SOS Sri Lanka’ –
primarily the ‘vision’ of Kim
Cooling, has now been formed
by seasoned animal welfare
workers from the UK – borne
out of frustration at the lack of
welfare standards and facilities
to properly cater for Sri Lanka’s
destitute street animals.
The strays of Sri Lanka face a multitude
of horrors on a daily basis and it is
quite remarkable how these street
animals actually survive to live their
precarious little lives. Not only do they
have to contend with starvation,
appalling injuries as a result of road
accidents, the risks of being poisoned to
death, beaten, gassed, stoned or burnt –
they are managing to exist, whilst being
host to some horrendous parasites -
which cause deadly tropical diseases.
In most cases, the dogs especially - don’t
harbour one, but a cocktail of these
parasites and it is common to find dogs
with co-infections and the parasites that
cause disease such as: Sarcoptic mange
mites, fleas, ticks, plus an abundance of
worms, including Dirofilariosis – a species
of heartworm.
Tropical diseases are rife in Sri Lanka, in
fact, there is an epidemic of serious
proportions. The diseases spread by ticks
and mosquitoes are a bigger threat than
Rabies – street dogs and cats are dying in
their droves, sometimes quickly, but often
suffer slow lingering deaths. Tick borne
Babesia and Ehrlichia ravage an animal’s
blood cells – causing debilitating
anaemia, dehydration, fever and multiple
organ failure.
There is also a problem with the more
common dog viruses: Distemper and
Parvo. Cats most certainly suffer from the
various strains of Cat Flu and Chlamydia
Transmissible Venereal Tumours (TVT’s) –
caused by a sexually transmitted virus are
widely seen, although TVT’s favour the
sexual organs, they can also occur
elsewhere in the body.
How these street animals manage to stay
alive is astounding…
Bitch dogs have litter after litter (and often
suffer painful and deadly Pyometra /
womb infection). They resort to bringing
up their pups wherever they can – whilst
scavenging for food on festering rubbish
heaps. They have to face the reality that
their pups will probably die in the road,
have their eyes pecked out by carrion
crows or suffer another grim fate.
‘ANIMAL SOS SRI LANKA’ endeavours to
provide a safe haven for these desperate
animals. A place where they can
recuperate and rehabilitate in peace - and
receive the best care and treatment that
we can provide - that funds will allow.
The Vision is in the planning stage – but
we aim to offer the following:
A strict non-destruction policy, unless for
humane reasons where the animal is
suffering and beyond help - A good
standard veterinary facility – neutering
programme and other surgical procedures
- routine blood testing – full vaccinations –
parasite eradication – snake proof and
safe environment – separate isolation,
maternity and intensive care kennels – a
refuge for crippled dogs and cats – staff /
volunteer accommodation – education
room etc.
We now desperately need assistance to
create that ‘show-piece of excellence’ for
the street animals of Sri Lanka and to
drastically raise standards in animal welfare.
It is hoped that this will change the
appalling legacy of animal suffering there.
We have taken the first few positive steps
– but have something of a marathon in
front of us…
‘Animal SOS Sri Lanka’
UK registered charity
no: 1119902
‘Animal SOS Sri Lanka’
Barclays Bank –
Account No: 10823767
Sort Code: 20-52-72
postal address:
483, Green Lanes, Palmers
Green, London, N13 4BS
07773 746108
07910 276922
07944 452693
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