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We are a team of volunteers based in Bolton covering the Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas.
Our prime objective is to help address the problem of the growing number of unwanted and destitute animals in our community today, by finding them good, permanent and loving new homes.
We have all spent many years devoting our lives to the welfare of animals. We are committed, dedicated and experienced and the animals we care for and re-home are of number one importance to us.
We are also very honoured to have Dave Spikey as our Patron.

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31 Oaks Lane
Telephone 01204 304679
Charity No. 1095060
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Title: Donations
Date Posted: 15th May 2010 16:59:45


we ask for donations because:

The donation fee helps us to cover SOME of the costs we incur.  This includes

  • neutering (when mature),

  • Vaccinations 1st & 2nd part,

  • I.D.Chipping,

  • Flea Treatment & worming.

  • and any other treatment required.

Average Costs of these treatments are:

  • Neutering £50 -£62

  • Vaccinations £49 per course

  • I.D chipping £20

Thank you for your donations it is very much appreciated. 

Cats & Kittens: minimum:  £65      Pedigree minimum:   £75 

        Dogs:        minimum:  £90      Pedigree: minimum: £120

We now have a PayPal button on our site so its easier for wonderful animal lovers to help our cause and donate. Thank You!