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Aristocat Rescue Registered Charity No 1098383

Rescue and rehome stray, unwanted and homeless cats and kittens. Based in the North East of England.

Can you offer one of our rescued cats a home? See Cats up for Homing Page on our Web Site.

Visit Our Web Site. There is something to interest everybody.

Send in your own Cat Photo`s, Cat Stories, Poems etc. And we will add them to our Web Site.

Rescue Centre

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Aristocat Rescue
Po Box 124
Newton Aycliffe
County Durham
Telephone 01325 300290
Charity No. 1098383
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Web Address Visit Now
Title: Business Help
Date Posted: 22nd February 2004 00:00:00
Description: Giving Through The Self Assessment Return.
This New Government Scheme Starts From April 2004

This new scheme will allow any individual to nominate Aristocat Rescue to receive their tax repayments as a donation.

From April 2004 Aristocat Rescue`s Name and Code Number will be listed on the Inland Revenue Website. For the purposes of this scheme Aristocat Rescue`s unique code is:-


Please remember that this method of giving will only be available on Self-Assessment returns issued in April 2004. Not Available Before This Date.

This new scheme does NOT replace the existing Gift Aid scheme.

Gift Aid:

Are you a taxpayer? . Aristocat Rescue can claim 22p in the pound back from your Donation, {this costs you nothing}. For a Gift Aid form, Please e-mail us at or write to us at the PO Box No. Mark your envelope "Gift Aid".


When you come to make your Will, or if you already have but you want us to benefit, your solicitor will need our details, which are.

Charity Number 1098383

Aristocat Rescue,
P.O. Box 124
Newton Aycliffe.

Does Your Business Have Any Of The Following That You Could DONATE To Us?

Could You DONATE A Photocopier?
Could you DONATE A Computer?
Could You DONATE A Printer?
Could You DONATE Products From Your Company For Raffle Or Tombola Prizes?
Could You DONATE Cat Food?
Could You DONATE Cat Litter?
Could You DONATE Cat Scratching Posts?
Could You DONATE Flea Spray?
Could You DONATE Worming Tablets?
Could You DONATE Heated Pads
Could You DONATE Cat Beds?
Could You DONATE Cat Toys?
Could You Place One Of Our Collecting Tins.
In Your Shop Or Office?
Could You DONATE Warehouse Space For
Storage Of Our Saleable Items?
Could You PLACE One Of Our Food Bins in Your Store?

Any Of These Items Will HELP The Cats and Kittens In Our Care.

If you can help with any of the above items.
Please e-mail:-


Cattery Pens.

Are you replacing your old Cattery Pens? If so, would you DONATE your old pens to us? So that a Cat can be housed in a Foster Homes Garden.


Tombola Items.

We are always in need of unwanted gifts which we can use as raffle, or tombola prizes.


We produce a quarterly newsletter called Aristo Chat. We are always looking for items of interest to include in each edition, ie. stories, general, or about your own cat, poems, or why not become a member and receive each edition of Aristo Chat.

To become a Member, please write to

Aristocat Rescue
P.O. Box 124
Newton Aycliffe.

Subscription fees:

5.00 per year.