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We rescue animals of all types, some waiting destruction in Welsh pounds others handed in to us for whatever reason, good or bad. We provide medial care, food, shelter and love for them all and ultimately find them loving homes. if for any reason things don't work out we always take them back. We inoculate and worm all our animals and ensure they receive any medical treatment they may require. We also neuter as many of our animals as possible, new owners of any un-neutered animals are bond by agreement to carry out this vital task at the earliest opportunity. Every eligible dog, cat or rabbit leaves our Rescue Centre with 6 weeks free insurance from a leading company, new owners are then given an opportunity to extend such cover by subscribing to the scheme. Our staff are always available to give advise on training or behavioural questions and are there to assist if needed.

We operate a non-destruction policy.


LAST CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE CENTRE was founded in 1986, its aim being to rescue and re-home unwanted and abandoned animals. We take in all creatures, from cats and dogs to equines, livestock and wildlife. Our kennels are constantly filled from two main sources: local rescue dogs, and the Welsh 'pound dogs' saved from their death row sentence. For many it truly is their Last Chance.

Our Services

Our Veterinary surgeon checks, worms, and inoculates all animals, (we also indentichip all our dogs- cats can be identichipped at a minimal cost), and operate a rigorous neutering policy, as we strongly believe this makes a happier pet and is the most important way to reduce the escalating problem of pet overpopulation. We have a non-destruction policy, except on humane grounds, and a system of individual home checks before any animal is placed into a new home, along with follow up visits to ensure the animal has settled. All our animals leave us with six weeks free insurance cover, and we do encourage new owners to consider either extending the existing cover or taking out an policy of their choice. Our adopters sign a legal document declaring to give the best possible care, and to ensure that the animal is neutered at the earliest opportunity if this has not already been carried out, we always take back any former resident if the adopter is unable to keep it, thus ensuring future security for any animal entering Last Chance. As we are totally reliant on public support and do not receive and other funding, we do ask for a donation for our animals to enable us to continue caring for the next animal that arrives at our door. Please contact us for more information if you require it.

Your Help

Your support and enthusiasm is desperately needed to enable us to continue saving and improving more lives.

Due to our increasing success finding loving homes for around 5 cats & 20 plus dogs per week we now need to find home checkers in all areas to help us improve our system further. If you think you can help please telephone either of the following numbers for more details/information pack.

For all enquires:

Last Chance 01732-865530
Helpline: 01227-722929

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Last Chance Animal Rescue
Stick Hill
Hartfield Road
Telephone 01732 865530
Charity No. 1002349
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Title: Fosterers
Date Posted: 21st November 2005 00:00:00
Description: FOSTERING
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. What do I do first, if I am interested?
A. Youíve taken the first step, by picking up this information sheet.
Once youíve read it through, contact one of the people listed at the end, and weíll arrange a convenient time to come and have a chat to discuss your interest further.
Q. Do I need to live near Last Chance rescue centre?
A Not necessarily. This will depend on several things :
Whether you are considering long, or short term fostering.
Whether you are able to access the rescue centre easily, and if necessary,
at fairly short notice i.e. do you drive, or have easy access to private
Q. Will I have to pass any tests?
A. Not tests exactly.
During our chat, we will talk to you about the type of care you feel able to provide, what facilities and space you have, the type of environment you live in and your lifestyle.
At the same time, we will carry out a Ďhome checkí, which is similar to thecheck required before you adopt an animal from us.
It is just to make sure that your home and garden provides a safe and secure place for one of our rescued animals to live in.
Q. When will I know if Iíve been accepted as a foster carer?
A. We will normally let you know within 24 hours.
However, this might take a little longer if we ask for any work to be undertaken, for example, making sure there are no holes in a fence etc.
Q Once Iíve been accepted, what then?
A. Your name will be placed on our register of foster carers, and you just sit back and wait. We will contact you when a suitable animal becomes available.

Q. How much will I get paid?
A. Our foster carers work on a voluntary basis.
We will supply all necessary food, equipment, medical, and any other
support required.

Q. What if I canít, or donít want to foster the animal I am offered?
A You are never under any obligation to foster an animal. Any placement will be made only when both the fosterer and the foster co-ordinater, are completely satisfied that the placement would be the right one or all parties concerned.
Q. What happens if something goes wrong while the dog/cat is in my care?
A Last Chance have a very dedicated and experienced team of permanent Staff, trustees, and voluntary workers, who will offer every kind of support and assistance possible, either by phone, or in person, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will never be left to cope alone, should difficulties arise.
Q O.K. Iím still interested, what do I do now?
A Contact one of the people listed on our foster carer page on our web site www.lastchanceanimalrescue, or Adrienne Ramsey on or call either the rescue, 01732 865530 or Adrienne Ramsey on 077825 44913.
We will arrange to come and have a chat, and register you.