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The ferret branch of STARescue has been operating from Sonning since 2004. Since then at least 700 ferrets (and 8 polecats) have come into our care.

We take in all stray and unwanted ferrets. As they come in, all fuzzies are health-checked in case of any possible problems, flea- sprayed and automatically treated against ear mites, as a precaution.

We try our hardest to return strays to their owners – ringing vets local to the area where they have been found, other local rescues and putting them on our “Lost and Found” page.

After holding them for 7 days, if no one has come forward, they are booked in for neutering. WE NEUTER ALL ADULT FERRETS BEFORE RE-HOMING. Not only are there far too many unwanted kits around (2009 saw more than 70 unwanted kits in the rescue), neutering also decreases “Eau de Ferret” by at least 80% and stops aggressiveness amongst adult hobs. When we re-home kits that are not old enough to be neutered, our policy is to have the babes back when they are mature, at around 8 months, so we can get them neutered for you at far less cost than your local vet.

Our aim is to re-home these wonderful little creatures into loving, forever homes.
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Starescue (Ferret Branch)
Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire & Oxfordshire
Telephone 0118 9690435
Charity No. 1075974
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