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We are a small dog rescue whom are foster based. We do not own kennels and take dogs from pounds or owners whereby we are the last resort and the dogs will be put to sleep. We always try to reach out to other rescues first for dogs in need, when others cannot take the dog on and the dog is in clear risk we then step in where possible. We are happy to offer owners advice and support in order to keep their dogs also instead of them needing a rescue space. We do all we are physically able to to ensure the dogs are safe either elsewhere in other rescues, with the owners or if none of that is possible, with ourselves. When a dog comes into our rescue we ensure that they are neutered (or go on a neutering contract which we chase up and enforce if it's not possible before being adopted) fully vaccinated, micro chipped, are up to date with vet flea and worm treatment and are health checked. We pay for transport if volunteers need fuel to get the dogs from owners/pound into foster care and then if needed from foster care to adoptive care. We offer full RBU and are in touch with all owners and visit and ask for regular updates from both foster and adopter placements to ensure that we are approachable at all times in case of issues and that the dogs are healthy and happy and well looked after. We charge set adoption fees. We have contracts that the dogs return to us should they need reminding and that the dogs are Balto rescue dogs for life and remain under our care for life. We find that as we are a last resort rescue, the dogs we take in are the difficult to rehome dogs with either health or behavioural issues that often cost us way more than the adoption fees we charge and therefore we fundraise where possible to raise the extra cash. If the rescue lacks funds and we struggle to raise it, anything urgently needing paid comes directly out of our own pockets as the founders of the rescue.

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Balto & Co Dog Rescue
1 Kingston Crescent
Telephone 07573143515
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